Commanding 320 acres at the top of West Lake Creek, with incredible views of the New York Mountain range, the Knapp Ranch stars a spacious main lodge with four cabins on the property, as well as a 1,330 sq. ft. garage. The ranch owners had the main lodge and cabins designed and built with an incredible vision in mind: to look like they had been here for 100 years, and last 100 more. Using as much artisanal handcrafting as possible, each cabin tells a specific part of the property’s story, from a small sod-roofed cabin meant to evoke the era of mining, to a cabin that honors one of the owners’ Scottish roots. This story is unified and fully brought to life in the main lodge, which is crafted with 21st century resources to evoke a 19th century craftsperson’s artistry. This lovingly crafted ranch is now home to the Knapp Ranch Foundation, created by owner Bud Knapp and his late wife, Betsy, to fulfill their vision of “a rustic living environment built around a vision of stewardship, responsible land use, sustainability, and preservation.”


Lake Creek, CO


13,549 sq ft


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