Home Care services operate independently as property management to suit the unique needs and systems within your home, or complement existing property management teams. Shaeffer Hyde Home Care is fully customizable to ensure that every need is met appropriately. No detail is too small. These services ensures that the property receives high-quality stewardship for the future.

Home Care Services

  • Weekly Property Inspections
  • Routine Maintenance – Interior and Exterior
  • Mechanical Systems Maintenance
  • Alarm and Fire Sprinkler Inspection
  • Hot Tub, Pool and Spa Maintenance
  • Wine Room Chiller Maintenance
  • Alarm Monitoring – First Call
  • Snow & Trash Removal
  • Housekeeping and Deep Cleaning
  • Carpet and Furniture Cleaning
  • Lawn, Garden and Irrigation Maintenance
  • Maintainability Reviews
  • Drone Roof Inspections

Your Home, Our Care

Upon completion of your home, Shaeffer Hyde will work with you to plan and execute a custom Home Care service strategy. Our services are as unique as our clients, conforming to your requirements and those of your home. With all of Shaeffer Hyde’s package offerings, you will receive first-call alarm monitoring in addition to multi-point customized inspections. We offer our expertise as a stand-alone property manager, or as a complement to existing caretaking services.

Shaeffer Hyde Construction is proud of the relationships we have developed over the years. Although these relationships were initially established through the construction of the individual projects, we feel that they have been maintained through the customer service we offer our clients after completion. We have teams in place to provide home care services, including ongoing maintenance, and scheduled property inspections.

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Our property management services have always been put to use by construction clients upon the completion of their home. With the structure of Shaeffer Hyde Home Care, quality professional management services are more
accessible than ever. We are now available to all luxury homeowners throughout the Vail and Aspen Valley. Above all, we offer innovative solutions with a personal touch.

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"We have always been impressed with the attention to detail and their demand for a quality product. The Shaeffer Hyde team collaboration with our architects and designers made the whole process a joy."

Jim and Cookie Flaum, Client