Bridge House sits on 4.83 acres of beautiful forest and is truly in harmony with the nature that surrounds it. The titular bridge of the home holds the living and dining areas encased in glass, with the forest floor flowing beneath and preserving natural drainage patterns for the land while minimizing the building’s footprint. The anchoring structures on both sides of the bridge are stately but simple, and immense care was taken during construction to preserve the land’s natural grade and disturb as little of the environment as possible. Clean, modern lines and an echo of Japanese influence has shaped Bridge House into a tranquil retreat.

Pennsylvania bluestone, steel, cedar, and walnut are the primary elements of construction, crafted to make the home flow naturally from room to room, from exterior to interior, and all laid out with exacting precision. A walnut and steel central staircase traverses all three floors of the home, alongside a window that allows for light to penetrate the space. Wood ceilings, wood-paneled walls, a bluestone cube pantry that divides rooms without reaching the ceiling, and stone-tiled floors provide rich textures throughout the home. These allow the stunning views through the abundant glazing to command attention. Sculptural geometric fixtures in the bathrooms elevates each space into functional works of art. A striking modern fireplace acts as an anchor within the bridge’s living area, giving Bridge House a glowing heart.


Mountain Star, CO


7,400 sq ft

Interior Design

Douglas Wittels